Move Closer To Achieving Your Dreams: Have A Great Podcast, Become A Better Podcaster, and Grow Your Audience.


Do you have a dream?  Others have succeeded, why not you?  It's possible to achieve your podcast goals and dreams.  Negative people will tell you that you can't, but they're wrong.  If you can dream it, you can be it!  It takes hard work, focus, and determination.  The Podcaster's Coach can help you get there.

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7 Step Podcast Success Program

Step 1  

Dreaming Big

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    What is Your WHY?
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    Setting Goals & Taking Action.

Step 2

The Foundation

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    Making a Commitment to Your Podcast & Your Listeners
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    Receive 3 Critical Reviews of Your Current Podcast
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    Review and Analyze What You’ve Been Doing

Step 3 

Mastering Your Time

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    Manage and Control Your Schedule
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    Doing What Successful People Do

Step 4 

Monetization & Business Plan

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    Refining Your Plan
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    Personal Success Planning
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    Begin Your Media Kit & Audience Profile Tool

Step 5 

Focus & Improve

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    Better Content and Production
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    Improving the Story
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    Adjusting Your Voice
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Step 6

Organizing the Perfect Process

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    Tighten the Podcast Process to as Close to 100%
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    Delegation and Building a Team
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    Personal Organization

Step 7

Creating Opportunities

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    Building Alliances & Partnerships
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    Having Unstoppable Courage!

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Through a co-creative coaching relationship, my clients achieve their goals, dreams, and desires.  Coaching saves them time & money, increases productivity, and improves self-confidence.

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Are You THE ONE Who Dreams of Podcast Success?

I will only work with Podcasters who are hungry, committed, determined, and willing to take action on their dreams.

Alexander is a Published Author and Professional Certified Coach

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Published Author

The Book On Podcasting, An Insider's Guide To Recording Success

Professional Coach

As the world's first authentic Certified Podcaster's Coach, recognized by the ICF, I help Podcasters achieve their goals, dreams, and desires.

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2017 was a year full of examination on my life purpose, my mission, and my legacy.  In 2018, everything came together: help 1,000,000 people.