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EP55 – Your Time

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I think that I’ve been catching up with the speed of life.  I only started to notice how fast time was passing after my wife and I started our family.  The kids became the measuring stick to my aging.  My 11 year old is big and strong, he’s what – a foot and a half shorter than me at this point?  I look at the photos on the wall of my daughter when she was around 5.  She’s double that now.  My 4, almost 5 year old, had gone up 2 sizes of clothes in the last month.  It’a amazing to see him grow overnight – seriously -literally – they all seem to get larger as they sleep.


Then I think, wow, 10 years in this house.  The offices for my old Recruiting Businesses, and My Coaching Practices.  The amount of times I have painted the walls – kids damage walls.  I’ve discovered over the years that the bottom 4 feet of wall is dirty from hands, and boogers, and food, and goop, while the top 4 feet is nice and clean.  That was quite the discovery, let me tell you.  I’m never done on the bottom – kids are gross, they don’t care, but it’s a sign for me to chill out.  Chill out and just wipe it – or paint over it.


So, they age – me too.  I was looking at my old photo’s the other day.  I don’t even look like that kid anymore.  Well, maybe if I drew a mustache on the old photos – maybe I would.  The grays are popping out, where I still manage to grow hair, and I like that part.  I’ve got grey hair coming out of my cleft on my chin.  I actually like getting old.  I just have to make sure that I take care of myself.  I’ve gotta make sure I stand straight!


I have these monthly goals – and they really do make me move.  They always seem present in my mind and I know that the deadline is at the end of the month.  If I want to accomplish them, I really have to take action.  Outside of my family, and maybe my legacy, my goals are the most important thing to me.  Because I have to move and take action, I am following the speed of my life.  [3:30] in the afternoon rolls around and I think, the day just passed like a blur.  Isn’t that typical?  How often do you say – wow, the time has passed or I can’t believe that the summer is over, or holy cow I felt like I just left the office and I’m back already?


Of course, the exception is when you are incredibly bored and you are staring at a clock.  Time seems to move slow.  Which is a fallacy since time is always moving the same way it seems.  BUT, do you ever remember the time you stared at a clock for the afternoon or the time you sat on the coach for an hour waiting for your spouse or partner to finally get ready so the two of you can go?  No, of course you don’t!


My days are a blur, but I know what I did.  It’s pretty cool.


What say you?  What is your daily experience like?


A lot of people become stagnant.  The regular routine of life and especially work, becomes mundane. People can be at work, perhaps doing some administration or management, and the repetitiveness, the re-lived situational experiences start to resemble a form of sitting on the coach and waiting.  I know.  I have heard this so much from my recruiting days and my coaching….these task get boring, and when they do, the days seem longer.  The next thing you know, this permeates into other areas of life, then depression rears its ugly head.  Boredom, depression, moving slow in life while life is moving at its normal fast pace.


I wonder at times, what if there were no clocks and that humankind ignored the construct of time in seconds, minutes, and especially years.  Like seriously, are years necessary?  Ok, yes, perhaps if you are a historian, or a legislater, or a politician, or a stock broker or a banker, or an organizer, or a project manager, or school teacher, or a car salesman, or a currency maker at the mint, or an employer….ok, ok, ok.  Yeah, I guess years are necessary.  Actually, so much is built around time.


I just wonder if we didn’t have birthdays and the pressure of time.  Imagine going to work and your boss says, ok you do this and this, when the sun is up.  Once it is completed, we’re good.  You can leave.  That sounds like a good deal, eh?  How things stand now, and our structures, they benefit the few, and the many are stuck.


If you are stuck in life – stuck at work, one of the first things to do is to find your purpose in his life.  You really do have one.  Maybe you don’t know it.  Perhaps it is stuck in the clouds of your mind, or it is in pieces jumbled up in your gut.  You can put it together.  You are the artist that creates and expresses – you are the designer of your life.  Absolutely – 100% – total truth – that’s a fact Jack…or Jill.


Come up with it, your purpose, your reason.  Why are you here?  What do you love?  Forget about time, you know, even forget about your external body – What does your inner wisdom say?  You know what – your inner wisdom might not be able to completely express it with a few sentences.  We have to try because written language is what we’ve got.  It is not perfect at all and it does fails to match our true essence… a poor translation, but try anyways.  Think about your desires, think about the love in your belly for certain things or ideas, take an inventory of what is important to you, and design your purpose.  Of course, if you are a miserable atheist, then this will probably not work, but then again, if you are a miserable atheist, you ain’t listening to this show.


Side note, when atheists are on their death bed, many are searching for God or a Higher Power. Better get on it when you have lots of life, instead of getting on it when you are running out of life.


It comes down to making time matter – make time matter for you.  This is done with your purpose in mind and powered by having goals.  Goal setting is the best tool that I know of that you can use in the moment, and then afterwards when you realize that your day is over.  It’s like, I can’t believe that my bedtime is soon, but oh yeah, this is what I did today.  Well, that makes total sense. Cool!


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