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Will Davis in WUTC studio.

William Davis

Storytelling Tips for Podcasters

Will Davis is a college professor and an award-winning public radio producer. Davis teaches podcasting at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and creates original content for Chattanooga’s NPR station, WUTC FM 88.1. He’s interested in audio storytelling and how these stories bring meaning and value to our lives.

Article about Wil Davis teaching his students on storytelling and podcasting:

Storytelling Tips for Podcasters

The best stories are…
Simple (Easy to understand, Memorable)
Engaging (Emotional, Surprising)
Real (Authentic, Resonant)

A good podcast story…
Is focused (Know the difference between a topic and a story)
Has at least one good character (Someone with conviction)
Has action happening now that you can record (These are your “scenes”)

Questions to ask yourself…
Can you describe your story in one sentence?
Who are your characters?
What questions do you have for your characters?
Do you have access to your characters and scenes?
Can you return to your characters and scenes again and again?
Is there something universal in your story that resonates with an average audience?