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Wanting Something More

Wanting Something More is not always the Best Idea


I feel like I burdened myself when I was wanting something more – new podcast subscribers.  In the last couple of days, I have been moving my focus – not from what I love, but what I FEEL that I have to do.


The Work Utopia Podcast is definitively one of the highlights of my day.  I get up early, I get some exercise, grab a large coffee, and then I start creating this podcast.  It’s one big creative process- everyday.  Because I love it, I have no problem getting out of bed.  I also have no problem with getting some exercise because I know that if I move my juices will flow and get my energy activated.  This will make the podcast better. I love Podcasting and everything surrounding it has become very easy – it’s nice and easy.


But lately, I have been wanting MORE.  I think this show is pretty decent because I try other Podcasts and some of them are awfully boring.  I say to myself, I should try to reach more listeners.


I tried the social media route – and I didn’t like it.  Yes, I share this podcast on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, but I am not too interested in online conversations because it feels like they get too negative at times.  I love social media for sharing good stories, especially videos that are inspirational.  Facebook has been really focusing on videos and I like this because there are some really wonderful people out there being caught on camera.


I made it my goal to explore Search Engine Optimization.  I’ll try to make it easier for people to find my content through a Google search.  This is what I have learned – SEO can be simple and extremely complicated.  It is also a huge business and the competition for page rankings is unbelievable.  I am learning this stuff and I am think – what the hell am I getting myself into.


It’s good in the fact that it has gotten me a little more organized, but I started to get consumed with information, strategies, competition, and research.  On Friday, I sat in front of my computer – all afternoon – staring at my screen so much so that by 3pm, I was sick.  Staring at my monitor and being overwhelmed with information made me physically sick.  I was in a daze and unwell.


Afterward I thought to myself, you can’t keep doing this.  I have learned much information about search engine optimization – but no matter the degree of complexity, I will take a simplistic approach – because that is healthier way for me.


There is something about this desire for more, that can really work against us.  I think if you want more self-actualization – more meaning to your life – you have to move and experience the richness of life, but you can’t try to outpace time.


More does not mean happiness.  How many times have we seen people wanting more material items to enhance happiness?  It doesn’t work.  Sure, I like new clothes, I feel better about myself when my clothes are not in tatters, but you know, I do laundry once a week – I don’t need 15 new pairs of pants.


When you get consumed by MORE – it will hurt you.  Yes, get more for yourself and ask yourself – is getting more going to make me a good role model for others?  Is getting more going to enrich my being?  Is getting more going to elevate my purpose?  Is getting more going to make me a better person?  Is getting more going to increase my capacity to love myself and the people around me?


So I focused on MORE for a few days, and it did me no good.  I did learn a few things though.  When I Google’d the best Podcasts, I found two.  One podcast was terribly boring.  The fellow was reading excerpts from books.  The other podcast has very high production, but the guy sounded like he wasn’t real and for a 12 minute podcast, the first 5 minutes was the fellow talking about a product.  22,000,000 million downloads, and almost half the of 12 minute show was advertising.  It actually could have been more advertising, because I listened to the 5 minutes of advertising and then turned it off.


This is my competition?  HA!


I don’t have any competition.  What I have is a process of doing things that make a difference for me.  Doing things that I love and that are good for me.


What say you?


If you do something that you love – will MORE help you?  How about, instead of MORE, use the term better.  Better is organic if you take action and move.  If you keep doing something , you will naturally get better at it.


If you do something that you love, everyday, let’s say for 1 hour, does that not uplift you?  Is that not fuel for the remaining parts of your day?  If you do something you love, does that not energize you?  Does that not make you happy?  If you are happy, is that not making a positive effect on the people around you?  If you do something you love, is that not filling you up?  Is that not some warmth for your inner life?


If you become consumed, let it go.  If MORE makes you sick, let it go.  If MORE conflicts with your mission in life, absolutely let it go.


It’s a journey, a path, a path with potholes and boulders it seems.  It’s almost like a sacrifice too.  You deal with things that make your life unpleasant, but when you get out of it, you might be able to find something that can enrich you, or at least, you can find a lesson.


Your mission today, is to think about the simple things that you love and think about the things that you enjoy.  Spend sometime every day on doing these things.  Make sure that you love it – on the inside.  And if you don’t have anything, make it your number one priority to find something that you love doing – get moving.  The time is now!