EP80 – Today and the Present Moment

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The Time is Now

The time is now, even though  I had a really great day yesterday. I seem to have been able to solve some problems, I took care of my body with some exercise, managed some progress at work, and I was a pretty good dad. I think at some point of the evening, I realized that I was happy. Kind of cool actually. Just a state of happiness. Once I realized it, then my mind decided to get involved, and it probed my day wanting to understand the reasoning behind happiness. My mind determined that I managed to do something in the most important areas of my life. That was yesterday. Today, I feel good so far. I didn’t wake up really tired, despite not getting the best sleep, but I am ok. I’ve made it. I am alive for one more day. Let’s see what the day bring.

Every new day is like a fresh blank canvas. We can do things over. The regular tasks, the mundane, repetitive things we do, we can actually do things differently if we really wanted to. You can get up and write out your dreams, which you never do. You can eat your breakfast standing up in front of the window, if you wanted a new combination of chewing and viewing. You can plan an alternative way to work or your office, of if your office is at home, you can sing a song as you make yourself to your chair, or standing desk. You can decide that today, you will do 10 jumping jacks on the hour, every hour, etc, etc. You get it, right? We can change little small things, every day if we really wanted to. It is possible to have some form of newness every day of our lives. It is.

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Alexander Laurin

Alexander Laurin is the Podcaster’s Coach. He hosts “The Podcaster’s Life” – a podcast about Podcasters. He focuses his Podcast, and Coaching practice, on the lives of fellow Podcasters. He is the very first Podcaster’s Coach with a membership to the International Coaches Federation. Alexander is a proponent of the effectiveness of podcasting as a tool for happiness, business & career growth, and living a life full of purpose.

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