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Talk Less at Work.

Talk less at work.  Let your clients and customers do all of the talking. Do you even have the extra time to spare?

I like to call a conversation a dance.  Do you dance at work?  I am going to say, not really.  I mean, do you have the time for a long meaningful conversation?  I leave those for after work, because my time is so limited.  Little doses sprinkled at times in the day are nice, but if your conversations go on too long, it’s turn out to be unpleasant for you because you have daily tasks to get through.

So you say, maybe, but you have to share yourself and open up so people can get to know you and like you.  I would say, yes.  And also, no.

We build a rapport with people.  What’s rapport?  Rapport is a noun.  It’s a close and harmonious relationship in which people understand each others feelings or ideas and communicate well.

Right, it’s just really good communication.  It has a good flow, it’s comfortable, and it’s not strenuous. It’s easy.  If you have that early on in a conversation, then you are good, as long as something shocking isn’t added to your talk at some point.

Sharing personal details when you speak to someone is like lighting a match.  You can ignite your conversation by sharing you.  If the fire is on, and it’s burning nicely, you don’t need to add more fire.

Now think of it this way – when you are working, you are serving the needs of the others.  That is how you are making money.  You are taking care of something for other people.  Remind yourself that it’s all about them, and not you.  Let the other person have your time.  If you have already established rapport, the flame is on, the communication is there and working, then listen more than you speak, and focus on the other person – whomever they may be.

Understand your customers, your partners, your distributors, your employees, or your co-workers if you have them.  We all want to be heard and understood.  If you are in business for yourself, be heard and understood outside the hours of work – outside the hours you have allotted for monetary wealth, revenue, or income creation.

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