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Suspicion and Anxiety – Uselessness Mind Actions

Oh, and don’t forget jumping to conclusions….


Welcome to the latest podcast about suspicion and anxiety.  Overall, negative topics, but things we can work on overcoming.


  • The Cambridge Dictionary says – suspicion noun (FEELING) a belief or idea that something may be true, (BELIEF IN SOMEONE’S GUILT),  (DOUBT OR LACK OF TRUST)
  • The dictionary calls it a noun, but to me it seems to be a verb since you are taking action with your mind.
  • Suspicion and anxiety are closely related, I think.
  • Attachment to our ego, and who we think we are, can really work against us.
  • Do you wish to be static/fixed or do you wish to be dynamic….flexible….growing?
  • Everything depends on you – how you choose to live in the world.
  • How much do you practice, if any? After that, reflect if it’s something you want to practice.

Have a great day!




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