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Striving and Growing: Blake & The Noise Pollution Podcast

striving and growing

Blake from the Noise Pollution Podcast

Striving & Growing

Blake & Bryan have a voice and they are striving & growing. Blake’s goal was to have a podcast. Here is the Noise Pollution Podcast.

His biggest surprise is the amount of work involved in podcasting, but it has helped him grow as an individual in a short amount of time.

Blake discusses how he and his co-host split podcasting duties, using an idea board of topics, and how improvising is better than scripting.

He talks about the motivation behind the podcast and needing something to strive for and grow with along with getting his voice out there and making something of himself.

Podcasting has been an absolutely phenomenal learning experience.

The Noise Pollution Podcast Apple podcast link is:
Social media handles: Twitter and Instagram @pollutionradio

BIO:  Blake is a husband, father, and a US Army veteran. He recently discovered his passion for
podcasting after diving deep into the rabbit hole of internet radio shows. Blake was not always
too sure on exactly what he wanted to do with his life, but he knew one thing, he had a voice.
And with that voice, he found his true calling. He is the co-host of the Noise Pollution Podcast,
a Society, Culture and Comedy podcast, where he and his co-host Bryan talk about everything
but specialize in nothing.

Podcaster’s Nerd Out Challenge:  [22:14]

Micro Podcast Improv:   [27:45]



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