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Start a Spiritual Life

I had this wonderful opportunity to interview Lama Marut. In episode 37, I asked him what one can do to get on a spiritual path. This episode enhances what he said to me during this episode.

I asked him to tell me 3 things that someone can do to start a spiritual life. Three things someone can do who wants a spiritual life, and doesn’t know where to start.

Here we go, The first thing that you can do to start a spiritual life:

1 – Be very conscious about your moral life and how you’re interacting with people. Are you living an ethical life? Live an ethical life and try to be a good person to everyone.

2 – Try to be a little more self-aware of your motivations in life, and ask yourself what is it that you really wants out of life.

3 – Try to have some sense that there are forces bigger than you in the universe. You don’t have to call it God, you can call it cosmos, nature, the ultimate Being or whatever you want to call it.   Have some sense that there’s something bigger and have some humility. We’re losing that in our culture, we’re losing our sense that there’s something bigger than us, bigger than what we do and what we want.  Get some sense of transcendence, some sense of something that transcends you, your ego, your own individuality, and your life.

EP37 – Starting A Spiritual Life (Interview w/ Lama Marut, Part 2)