EP56 – Spiritual Practice and Knowledge

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Spiritual Practice and Knowledge

Alexander discusses his Spiritual Practice and Knowledge and a brief snapshot of his journey.  This is absolutely, one of the best tools for happiness.

  • When I started a spiritual life, I was super re-charged.
  • I made a mind shift and started to see the world a lot differently.
  • A practice is not immune to the ups and downs of life.
  • I realized that I was spending too much time on my spiritual practice and my family was calling out.
  • It became a negative thing.
  • My mind loved that part – attaching to negativity.
  • It took me a long time to sort out of my journey
  • These tools are very valuable and they are time tested.
  • These days my practice is very very easy.
  • I keep open to new ideas that might conflict with what I believe.



EP66 – Suspicion and Anxiety

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Alexander Laurin

Alexander Laurin, aka The Podcaster’s Coach, became a Professional Certified Life Coach in 2014. He is currently hosting and producing his fourth podcast series titled “The Podcaster’s Life”. He focuses his podcast, and coaching practice, on the lives of fellow Podcasters. He is the first Professional Certified Life Coach, with a membership to the International Coaches Federation, to work exclusively with Podcasters. Alexander is a proponent of the effectiveness of podcasting as a tool for happiness and living a life full of purpose.

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