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EP11 – Rich Mind & Appreciation

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Rich Mind and Appreciation

Alexander gives on example of thinking like a rich person and introduces the practice of today – APPRECIATION.  How do you feel when you appreciate someone else?

  • What does it do for your body?  Could it be the opposite of stress?
  • If you have never done it before…..getting over yourself.? Maybe you are clutching your ego too tightly.
  • A temporary freedom of your ego is when you focus on another with thoughts of gratitude.
  • Consider how today how you can use appreciation and see first of all the benefit to your body, and the benefit to the other person, your team, your clients, your assistant, your cook, your spouse or partner, your children, whomever.

Do it 2 ways:

  • Try it visually doing it.
  • Tell someone about the things you value about them. See what happens next.

Ok, that’s it.

Non-Virtues of the Mind