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Purpose, Riding Waves, and Time Regarding Your Podcast

What is your purpose?  How are you riding the waves?  What is your time commitment with your podcast

The ‘purpose’ question can dictate every decision you make, as long as you know the answer. What’s the purpose of your life, your business, and your podcast? Pretty big questions yes, but let’s focus on one: Why are you doing your podcast?

time purpose waves

You need to get clear on why you are doing this. Podcasting is fun and you are going to have a great time with it, but there are ups and downs as there is to everything in life. Everyone gets in a funk, everyone gets bad news, everyone suffers from something going wrong. That’s the human condition. You have to train yourself to deal with that stuff quickly. Don’t let it linger and don’t put your focus on it exclusively. Accept that things go sideways from time to time. Let it pass, do something, and move full steam ahead. We seem to have to be talented at riding on waves. Normally, the waves give us opportunities to learn and grow, so you can look at setbacks and challenges as positive – if you really want to.

To know ‘why’ you are doing a podcast is important up front because if you hit a downswing, you can remind yourself of your why and let the downswing pass.

Let me save you a lot of grief and the number one reasons that Podcaster’s get upset with their podcast: statistics. Do not enter this journey with expectations of high listener base. If you get a huge number of downloads for your episode then rejoice, but don’t expect it to be that way for you when you start. If your ‘why’ is to develop a huge listener base, then you are going to have to work very hard for a long time. That’s ok if that’s what you want.

Embarking on a podcast is special, but don’t let that cloud your thinking and develop unrealistic expectations on yourself. If you are doing this on your own, delegate as much as you can. New podcasters will spend way too much time on editing their podcast. You will want it to sound as perfect as it can be. It’s very good practice to edit, but it’s also a big time killer if you over do it. By all means, learn the very basics of audio editing, but if you want to save a lot of time, hire an editor and delegate.

So how long should it take to create a podcast? For me, a 30 minute show, from scheduling to sharing on social media, takes me a little over 2 hours, and sometimes much, much, less.

Last season I focused on interviewing Podcasters. It was very easy for me to find guests. All it took were posts in Facebook groups. If I liked who was interested, I sent them my calendar and then they would book our interview time. If you are going to do an interview show, which I highly suggest, then you will have to invest time in finding people to interview. You will determine that time commitment, with a little experience.

Once my guests arrived, I chatted with them for about 5 minutes, and then we recorded a 20-25 minute interview. We would end, then maybe another 5 minutes of talking. Depending on who you have, you might want to talk longer. Maybe a friendship, a partnership, or even a business transaction can get started, or just the seeds for future communication.

Then I would spend another 45 minutes in Audacity editing, but sometimes much less. Over time, I have embraced my imperfections and edited my own voice much less. After that, publish the episode, put it on my website, and share it to social media.

This might scare you at first, but try doing your show live to save even more time. Yes, live. When you do a ‘live’ show, there is nothing to edit afterwards. You can if you wish, but the show was live and your listeners will know that. Your listeners will be much more forgiving to you because they know crazy things can happen live. You can bang out an episode in very little time. It’s so powerful. I love doing it live.

Back to your purpose.

Think about your why, but also think about the Listener’s why. What’s in it for them? Why do they want to tune into you every week? In a way, once you start podcasting, you have to start becoming a little ‘selfless’. You need to start shifting your thinking from the benefit for yourself to the benefits for the people who listen to your show. The absolutely amazing result is that you will personally benefit just the same: you’ll be creating content that you can market, and it will have a positive effect on your life. You help others, you bring out your inner creative forces, and you spend your time on something meaningful.


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