EP71 – Poverty Line & Minimum Wage

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Poverty Line and Minimum Wage

How blessed you are not on the poverty line.  Count your blessings.  Show recap:

  • As of today, minimum wage is $11.40. This is absolutely utterly ridiculous, is this not? Ridiculous and depressing.
  • Our government over here in Ontario is raising it to $15 by 2019, which is good, well, it’s better.
  • People at this place where I buy my $2 coffee make $435 a week.
  • After they pay taxes, they make $373.
  • Is that not insanity? $1492 per month for 4 weeks.
  • The Poverty Line in Ontario, according to the website is $19,930 for a singe adult.
  • Honesty, I cannot imagine what it would be like to work 37.5 hours a week. There is the additional time of preparing to go to work,  getting there and going home, so it could essentially make it 9 hours a day…..I can’t imagine how lousy that must feel.
  • How can we possibly value people’s time this way? It’s completely nuts.
  • I don’t understand how we can de-value people’s precious time…their lives.
  • It’s almost like society punishes people because of their circumstances.
  • If you were born into a low income family, the odds are against you.
  • Maybe you break free of the low income cycle? If you don’t, then you stay there, simply because you were born into it.
  • This is the rest of your life.
  • With this, you are not born into a situation where your parents are able to offer you an enriching life, so, you never achieve your potential.
  • You get stuck.
  • Realize how lucky you are.


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Alexander Laurin

Alexander Laurin, aka The Podcaster’s Coach, became a Professional Certified Life Coach in 2014. He is currently hosting and producing his fourth podcast series titled “The Podcaster’s Life”. He focuses his podcast, and coaching practice, on the lives of fellow Podcasters. He is the first Professional Certified Life Coach, with a membership to the International Coaches Federation, to work exclusively with Podcasters. Alexander is a proponent of the effectiveness of podcasting as a tool for happiness and living a life full of purpose.

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