Featured Podcasters

In addition to Coaching & Consulting, I interview established Podcasters, and feature them on my own show - The Podcaster's Life.  The major segment of the program is focused on the Podcaster's life, and podcast.  The goal is to promote and also to inspire.  The show allows the listener to learn from the experienced Podcaster.

***If you are podcasting, feel free to book an interview with me (see below) and I would be more than happy to feature you on the program.

Featured Podcasters on the Podcaster's Life.  

These interviews are about celebrating achievements, understanding struggles, and extracting advice for veteran and aspiring podcasters.

Featured Podcaster: Mark Tilsher & The Junior Money Makers Podcast
Mark Tilsher Mark Tilsher is the host of the Junior Money Makers Podcast, a show dedicated to helping parents raise[...]
Featured Podcaster: Michael Opoku & Not Your Fathers Podcast
Michael Opoku Michael Opoku joins me to discuss the podcast planning and management of hosting a show with 3 other[...]
Featured Podcaster: Brett Robbo & Your Life of Impact
  Brett Robbo Brett Robbo is a High Performance and Mindset Coach. He works with elite Olympic and Paralympic athletes,[...]
Featured Podcaster: Tyler Kirby & Better Than Static
Tyler Kirby Tyler Kirby is the host and editor of the Better Than Static Podcast. He is a Civil Engineer,[...]
Featured Podcaster: Sam Kabert (aka SwagSam) & WhatUp Silicon Valley!
Sam Kabert Sam Kabert ,AKA SwagSam, is the Creative Director of ValueBP Marketing Group and the Creator and Co-Host of[...]
Featured Podcaster: Gordon Firemark & Entertainment Law Update
Gordon Firemark Gordon Firemark is a Los-Angeles based entertainment and media lawyer, an educator, and yes, a podcaster. His flagship[...]