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The Biggest Win Sales Podcast

The Biggest Win Sales Podcast explores the sales stories, insights, and wisdom of thought leaders, sales experts, and top producers. Alexander Laurin interviews world class sales professionals who enjoy coaching, teaching, and mentoring the new generation on how to better understand the scenarios they will eventually face. On this show one can hear advice on how to take their sales career to the next level and also learn what it takes to reach the upper echelon of the sales profession. Improve your income and enhance your lifestyle through the ideas shared in these interviews with the greatest sales people on the planet.

Failure and Learning in Your Sales Career
Rob Auld, VP of Worldwide Sales, SOTI Failure and Learning in Your Sales Career It's only really a failure if[...]
Branding for Sales Professionals
Edmund Yeung Branding For Sales Professionals We are the ambassador of the brand. In a way, you have to have[...]
Continue to Challenge Yourself
Julian Teixeira Continue To Challenge Yourself To believe in what you're selling, it needs to be an industry that you‘re[...]

PODCASTERS - The Best of Podcasters

Alexander Laurin is the Podcaster’s Coach and the Published Author of The Book on Podcasting, Podcast for Personal and Professional Development. He presents a podcast that features fellow PODCASTERS. Every episode features a Podcaster Interview, a Podcaster's Challenge, and a Micro Podcast Improv. Alexander is at the forefront of life transformation within the podcast world. He is the world’s first authentic Podcaster’s Coach and an International Coaching Federation (ICF) member.

The Work Utopia Podcast

Is a Work Utopia possible? Can it be achieved through human resources, leadership, and corporate culture? The Work Utopia podcast explores topics such as management, feedback, change, emotion, building resilience, diversity, and transparency. What are the best ways for employees to achieve work satisfaction, and will that translate into customer satisfaction? Each week will feature a guest, with experience in management and employee satisfaction, that is actively involved in culture design and impact.