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Do you need a speaker for your next event on the topic of podcasting and life transformation?

Are you looking for someone who can teach life transformation strategies?

Alexander Laurin, the Podcast Coach, can help. A Certified Professional Life Coach, Alexander combines his coaching methodologies with podcasting experience. This unique background gives him both the technical and motivational tools to help his audiences transform their lives.

He does that by focusing on the life-changing benefits of building your own podcast.

Speaking and Workshops

Learn, Create, and Understand The Benefits of Podcast Creation for Your Business….and Your Life!

1 hour 30 Minutes • Price varies

  • This workshop is for small business, consultants, and coaches which explores the benefits and advantages of podcast content marketing.

Become a Successful Podcaster - Find Meaning, Purpose, and Happiness Through Your Podcast

1 hour • Price varies

  • This inspirational talk is for both the aspiring and established podcaster that uncovers the various areas of success that all podcasters can happily achieve.

Building Your Authority From Scratch with a Podcast

30 Minutes • Price varies

  • This presentation can show how an individual re-invent themselves and/or their business through focus and the podcasting tool.

What Your Audience Will Learn

Alexander’s presentations are centered around motivating your audience to action. Alexander helps them understand the importance of building their own podcast using his own personal experience. He also references the successes of other podcasters he has built relationships with over the last few years.

For example, Alexander’s podcasting career has opened tons of new opportunities for him. Connecting with both his interview guests and subscribers has enabled him to go through doors he didn’t even know existed.

Another example is personal development. Through his podcast, Alexander has learned he doesn’t have to follow a certain script. He can become less shy. He can become more of a risk taker. In other words - he can grow as a person.

Why Use Podcasting as the Main Topic?

Podcasting is growing fast. Due to the time-deprived nature of our lives, audio has become the go-to source for information for millions of people.

Most of us don’t have much time to read a book. But we can listen to one as we drive to work.

As we hurry out the door in the morning, we feel too rushed to sit down and read the news. But we can have our Amazon Echo read it to us.

We don’t necessarily want to be on social media all afternoon keeping up with our favorite influencers. But we can listen to their podcast while exercising.

Gary Vaynerchuk, who grew popular thanks to vlogging, has said things are changing. His subscribers are shifting to keep up with his podcast more than his videos.

Alexander doesn’t want your audience to miss the boat.

He knows they need to hear and understand this shift in our culture. Once they do, they’ll be better equipped to both grow their podcast and transform their lives.

Ready to Book Alexander, The Podcaster's Coach?

The best way to book Alexander for your event is through his email, or at (289) 992-8112.  Alternatively, you can reach him using the form below.