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Podcast Production Services

Now is the best time to start a Podcast for your business or career.  There are enormous possibilities for marketing strategies through Podcast creation.  Let me help you get started.

I will help you with....

Podcast Creation

Concept, Intro, Outro, Best Practices, Hosting, Recording, etc....

Simple Distribution

iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, etc....

Editing & Production

noise reduction, volume leveling, insertion of spots, publishing, etc...


Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

Many years ago, businesses started creating websites. Many people back then said that it was a waste of time and it was a bad idea. They were wrong. Today, your business must have a podcast. Let the Podcast be an additional tool to market your products and services.  

If You Have a Podcast

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    Your prospects or potential Clients can hear your message at their most convenient time.
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    When they listen, they learn more about your product or service, and get to know you. 
  • You develop trust and like-ability with your Listener.
  • You automatically become an Authority in your field.
  • They will most likely buy from you.

I will help you in the beginning, make sure you know what you are doing, and then let you go...

$299 Monthly fee includes help with:

  • ​Hosting, equipment, recording, etc…
  • Podcast Planning
  • iTunes/Apple Podcast Cover Art Design
  • WordPress
  • Music Selection
  • Voice Over (Intro and Outro)
  • Submission & Distribution
  • Audacity
  • LIVE podcasts
  • Episode Editing
  • Podcast Planning
  • RSS
  • On Going Email Support
  • We'll schedule a 30 minute weekly call  

    I will screen share your future podcasting process (ie, simple editing and hosting)

    I let you feel good about doing this on your own