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Article #1 Podnews


Feb 13 – Podcast host and monetisation company AudioBoom is to acquire measurement and audio ad company Triton Digital, it’s just been announced on the London Stock Exchange.


Audioboom will be buying Triton Digital for US$185m.


The acquisition is a reverse takeover, and the larger company will be called Triton Digital Group plc.


What is a ‘Reverse Takeover – RTO’

A reverse takeover (RTO) is a type of merger that private companies use become publicly traded without resorting to an initial public offering (IPO). Initially, the private company buys enough shares to control a publicly traded company. The private company’s shareholder then uses its shares in the private company to exchange for shares in the public company. At this point, the private company has effectively become a publicly traded company.


What is in IPO

An initial public offering, or IPO, is the very first sale of stock issued by a company to the public.


Audioboom is a global podcasting platform that consolidates the business of on-demand audio, making content accessible, wide-reaching and profitable for podcasters, advertisers and brands. They claim to get 60 million listeners per month.


Triton Digital powers the global online audio industry with Webcast Metrics®, the leading online audio measurement service, that makes it easy for advertisers and brands to determine the best destination and time to reach their target audiences


Article #2 from Podnews

Steven Goldstein asks how you promote your podcast, and gives some examples of them being featured and cross-promoted in other media. \


Steven Goldstein is CEO of audio innovation firm Amplifi Media.


Steven Goldstein asks how you promote your podcast in this blogpost.


Steven talks about the problem of ‘discoverability’ with Apple Podcasts having a database of 500,000 podcasts, and how podcasters mostly promote by word of mouth and social media.


He asks if podcasts having a megaphone to promote themselves, which means getting the message out using different media sources.


He gives examples of

  • The Skimm launched their first podcast to the top of charts aided by their successful e-mail newsletter
  • Pod Saves American, which was already very popular,getting even more popular with a deal from HBO
  • The Daily from the New York Times, using their own newspaper to promote their podcast
  • And a few other examples


I think if you are a small time podcaster, then this article will not help you.  If you have influence and affluence, and you are starting your podcasting journey, then you may enjoy this article.


Article #3 Google


Marc Guberti: 3 game-changing strategies to driving traffic to your content


Westfair Online

Westfair Business Publications (Westfair), a privately held publishing firm located in White Plains, N.Y., publishes weekly business newspapers


Excluding social media, ways to promote and drive traffic to your content: