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Life Coaching

Through a co-creative coaching relationship, my clients achieve their goals, dreams, and desires.  Coaching saves them time & money, increases productivity, and improves self-confidence.

 There are three aspects to my coaching, so I think it’s best to talk about each individually.

Alexander Laurin is a member in good standing with the ICF.

Life Coaching

I have a passion for life coaching. So much so I became a Certified Professional Life Coach and I am a member in good standing with the world-renowned International Coaching Federation. Even though I realized a certification wasn’t necessary to practice, I also knew it would better equip me to help my clients.

A large aspect of my Podcast Success Coaching program deals with similar issues as life coaching.

For example. Almost all new podcasters struggle with increasing their subscriber base. This can be very discouraging. They want to be heard by as many people as possible. They want to make a difference.

My coaching program can help this person in two ways.

We identify several ways we can market the podcast. Coaching is not about advice, but I never hold back valuable insights that will help my clients.

I can help them work through their anxiety about slower growth than they’d wanted. I encourage, motivate and support. I love this work as my clients become vehicles of inspiration.

Career Coaching

My coaching career began in 2014 when I assisted my clients with their career issues and/or transitions. Together we explored work-related issues that lead to effective action and positive change, in and outside of the workplace. As a coach I act as both a catalyst and facilitator of individual development and transformation. I strive to connect my clients with their passion, purpose, and values, with the goal of heading toward a path toward happiness and satisfaction. The desired outcomes of career coaching include enhanced self-awareness, clarity about life purpose and goals, increased self-management, and improved quality of life. Coaching is an effective way to increase productivity.

During the time with my clients, we will work on stress reduction strategies to help with health, we build self-confidence for peak performance, and create strategies to overcome any obstacles and self doubts. My clients get back on the path that aligns with their life’s purpose and career goals.

Podcast Life Coaching

Podcast Life Coaching is a goal oriented and life transformative program that specifically helping podcasters.

I like to work with both beginners and pros. People who are just getting their feet wet need one type of guidance. Those who have been podcasting for a while but have stagnated need a different type.

My coaching isn’t just focused on the technical aspects of podcasting (see my Consultation Program). Instead, I like to dig into deeper issues that effect podcasting. Podcasting is a major component to our lives.  You may consider it as equally important as your career, or perhaps, you may want it to be a career.

Podcasters may be holding themselves back for a variety of reasons including fear of rejection, over analysis, perfectionism, or lack of time management know-how.  My coaching helps them in several ways:

  • Launch or greater consistency
  • Strategies for analysis paralysis
  • Overcome the fear of rejection
  • Time management and planning
  • Think positively
  • Adopt a successful mindset

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Life Coaching

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Life Transition

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