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Use Your Podcast Launch Experience and Apply it to Every New Thing You Do

I discovered that I can use my Podcast Launch experience into other aspects of my life.

As Fall approaches (my favorite season), it represents an end – the end of the summer.  We are in the process of re-birth. This is a part of the transition of life. I could do without the cold, but it could be worse.

There were many lessons in September, but the biggest one I picked up, came from International Podcast Day. A while back, I reached out to them and threw my hat into the ring to speak. I noticed that there were only a small handful of Speakers at the time. I suspected that my timing was good, so I emailed them and told them about a presentation idea that I had. My message is unique to the Podcasting community, so I went ahead and asked them if I could participate. Within a week, they had approved me to speak and be a part of their celebration. I was ecstatic, but also quite nervous about my decision to take it this far.


This would be my first 50 minute presentation…….ever! I had no idea what I was doing. All I had was the visualization of pulling it off with success. I worked very hard on my presentation. As I worked on it, I made my presentation ideas, a part of my daily podcast. This served as a bit of a rehearsal too.

I had received some great advice from 3 people. 1- My Coach. She gave me an idea about the structure. 2- A Speaker’s Coach. I signed up for Marlon Shaw’s Workshop and he threw in a Coaching session. He taught me so much about speaking in such little time. And 3 – Gary Leland. Gary came on my show and talked about being 85%. I figured if I went in at 85%, then I could excuse the 15% of me that would not be so good.

Everything worked out, and I did it. I had a great time, and I realized that my other public speaking career (live in person or video) was officially launched. You can watch it here in case you missed it.

I realized that while I was preparing for my presentation, it was a lot like preparing for my first podcast. I made a plan, I tried to learn from multiple sources, I battled my anxiety (breathing helps this immensely), and I just went for it. It was practically the same thing. I didn’t know what I was doing. For Podcast creation, since I didn’t know anyone who podcasted, I referred to YouTube. For Speaking, I had experienced people in my life who I could ask. With my very first Podcast episode, I planned as much as I could (in terms of logistics) with my co-Host and I wrote out the flow of what I foresaw the episode to be. With Speaking, I wrote everything out at first, and then I kept shrinking it, and turned it into a structure that I could follow. When it came down to delivery – I just went for it. I made this commitment to myself (and other people), and I had to just do it and take a leap. I knew in my heart that it would not be perfect. I knew that I had to take one step to get to the place where I wanted to get to. I knew that this would be a great learning experience. My experience of this first long presentation, and my first podcast episode, were very similar to one another.

What if you approach every new big task with the power of your podcasting experience launch? Planning, learning, delivery, opportunity, and having the understanding that you won’t be amazing could help a great deal. Actually, you will be 85% (you are off the hook for the other 15% that you think you should have). Podcasting is a major category of our lives. It is something that we do that helps us grow. That wisdom is already in place.

Use it, bring it to light, call upon it, and remember this if you:
• Start a new career.
• Get involved with a big project for the very first time.
• Write your first book.
• Give your first presentation.
• Learn new skills.
• Start your own business.

It’s a big move to start, launch, and keep publishing your Podcast. You have developed a new wealth of tools and skill sets. This is not exclusive to podcasting. Use it for anything that you can think of.

It really helped me. I was thrilled at the end of my presentation, almost as thrilled as I was when I launched my first podcast episode. Actually, I did a better job with my first presentation over my first podcast. I learned so much from podcasting, there was no way I could do my presentation any worse.

Life is so amazing. We have such blessed lives. I hope you will keep that in your heart as you live through October and transition into a new season.

Alexander Laurin
The Podcaster’s Coach