Open New Doors, Gain Authority, and Succeed With Your Podcast.

The Podcaster’s Life Group Coaching is conducted via live tele-conference weekly.

Life Coaching + Podcaster Coaching

Wednesday's at 12pm​ Eastern Standard Time

Each Podcaster sets their own weekly or monthly goals, take risks, and gains honest yet supportive feedback from their peers and the Podcaster’s Coach.  The biggest advantage of a group program is that you get to be inspired and supported by fellow Podcaster’s who go through the same life challenges as you do. You don't have to go through this process alone.

You should participate if you:

  • Want to achieve your goals.
  • Need to improve your podcast AND life.
  • Keep putting off, or figuring out, what you truly would need to do.
  • Are feeling stuck with some areas of your life.
  • Are ready to take the initiative and move outside your comfort zone.
  • Need motivation to move toward the life that you desire.
  • Want to take advantage of the Podcaster’s Coach and the supportive partners of the group.
  • Have the desire and inspiration to make this year extraordinary.


  • The group meets every Wednesday at 12pm Eastern Standard Time.  All calls will be 1 hour long.
  • Calls can range from break out discussions, exercises, podcast mastermind, and/or live coaching demonstrations.
  • Homework exercises may be given for you to complete between calls to maximize the value of this program.
  • The  1,000,000 Podcasters Facebook supports the group and gives participants a place to stay connected in between the group coaching calls.

There are many benefits to group coaching including:

Exceptional Value
It’s the next best thing to individual Podcaster's Coaching with me – but at no price

Podcast Knowledge and Wisdom
When Podcasters connect and discuss common goals, they create a wealth of knowledge and a breadth of experience for the entire group. You’ll discover your Peers understand where you are coming from.

Being part of a group of fellow Podcaster’s will motivates and inspire you, prompting you to take bigger risks and keep your commitments.

Grow Your Network /Build Your Community
Participating in group coaching is an excellent way for you to expand your network and develop new relationships with other Podcasters .

Easy and Enjoyable
Just login via video stream URL at the designated time and participate in the live session. It’s a breeze.

Something to Look Forward to
Coaching  groups are enjoyable, positive, and inspiring.  Podcasting is fun…and so are the Hosts!

Opportunity to Share and Contribute
Deep down, we all want to help others. When people belong to a coaching group, they are able to satisfy this desire to make a difference and be of service.

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