Open New Doors, Gain Authority, and Succeed With Your Podcast.

Gain Authority. Develop Trust. ​ Market Yourself & Your Business.

Now is the best time to start a Podcast for your business or career.  There are enormous possibilities for marketing strategies through Podcast creation. 


Your Future Podcast Questionnaire

Download the FUTURE PODCAST QUESTIONNAIRE and freely use it as a resource as you create and plan your new podcast.  A podcast can be created out of passion, legacy, career, and business. There are no rules to the creative process.  Start here and begin bringing your ideas to life.

Podcast Creation

Concept, Intro, Outro, Best Practices, Hosting, Recording, etc....

Simple Distribution

iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, etc....

Editing & Production

noise reduction, volume leveling, insertion of spots, publishing, etc...


Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

Many years ago, businesses started creating websites. Many people back then said that it was a waste of time and it was a bad idea. They were wrong. Today, your business must have a website.  Is it possible, that Podcasts are a new form of 'websites"? People might say that you don’t need a Podcast. What if they are wrong like those people back then who said you didn’t need a website?

If You Have a Podcast

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    Your prospects or potential Clients can hear your message at their most convenient time.
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    When they listen, they learn more about your product or service, and get to know you. 
  • You develop trust and like-ability with your Listener.
  • You automatically become an Authority in your field.
  • They will most likely buy from you.


Consulting can be included with any Coaching package.  Full hour consultations or 30 minutes coaching/30 minutes consultation available.

Consultation Sessions Can Include:

  • ​Hosting, equipment, recording, etc…
  • Podcast Planning
  • iTunes/Apple Podcast Cover Art Design
  • WordPress
  • Music Selection
  • Voice Over (Intro and Outro)
  • Submission & Distribution
  • Audacity
  • LIVE podcasts
  • Episode Editing
  • Podcast Planning
  • RSS
  • On Going Email Support

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