Alexander Laurin, Author of The Book on Podcasting, The Podcast Recruiter, and The World's First Authentic Podcaster's Coach.

Podcaster Coaching: What Does the Podcaster’s Coach Do?

The Podcaster’s Coach provides Podcaster Coaching to fellow Podcasters, exploring and solving life issues and difficulties when podcast creation is a central interest of the individual's life.

Podcasting is a growing creative digitized medium, and a potential full time career. Many have developed a growing interest in moving away from their current careers, and instead, move toward a full time career or business, in podcasting.

Building a Podcast can be one of the most enjoyable experiences in life. Outside demands, self limiting beliefs, and time constraints can appear, stop you in your tracks, or delay your dream of expressing yourself, in your very own new podcast.

What You Should Know About Coaching

Coaching is performed with a high level of integrity and professionalism. Coaching is not Consulting, nor is it Therapy.  The Coach is always mindful and respectful of the Client’s needs, ideals, thoughts and belief systems.  Coaching is a trust-based relationship where the Coach listens, communicates effectively, asks meaningful questions, and provides helpful feedback.  Most importantly, unlike consulting, the Coach does not give advice.  It’s about the Client’s dreams, desires, aspirations, and goals.  The Coach is there to support, motivate, and encourage the coachee to climb to higher levels and grasp for a greater potential.

Read The International Coaches Federation’s Definition of Coaching

The Podcaster's Coach Can Help You With

  • Dreaming Big
  • Building Confidence 
  • Achieving Your Dreams and Goals
  • Creating a Path to a Successful Podcast
  • Identifying you Values and Desires
  • Planning  for Time Management
  • Cleaning up your Messes & Moving Forward
  • Overcoming Obstacles

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