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Perfection – An Inventory of Your Skills, Talents, Experiences

You practice perfection so what about your skills talents and experiences? Are they aligned? Strive for perfection but be realistic as to where you are.

Keep in mind these things to combat feels of perfectionism –

  • Remember something in the past that you took on and compare yourself from day 1 to day 60
    Embrace your imperfection. Listen to the imperfection of others. Listen to podcast #1 from your favorite podcaster.
  • Tell yourself that it is ok that you are not perfect
  • When you see perfection in social media, remember that this can be a snap shot in someone elses life.
  • You don’t even know that its real.
  • Cut yourself some slack. Love yourself. Don’t beat yourself up
  • And create a range from 1 to 10. Put someone at 1 and anther at 10. Where are you? Practice will move you up.
    Lorraine Whyte from the Unlock Your Soul Podcast joins me in the second half for a Micro Podcast Improv. You can hear our full interview this coming Friday.

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