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Kingdom Crossroads Podcast with Pastor Robert Thibodeau

Pastor Robert Thibodeau interviews ministry guests and influential ministry leaders from around the United States.  Discussions will range from items of interest in that individual’s ministry to current events and prophesy.



About interviewing Trump:

It wasn’t the exclusive interview. I was given one question. But it was when he (Trump) was running for president. He came to Baltimore. He was speaking down at the Inner Harbor. A group of Republican supporters and a former governor named Bob Ehrlich was going to take him for lunch for Crab Creek crab cake at a local diner, famous for crab cakes. And it was supposed to be a secret launch. You know that nobody suppose to know about? So I was invited by one of the delegates, one of our board of directors, and he said ‘hey you want to go?’ I said, ‘Yeah sure.’ Somehow word had gotten out the radio station and it became a major event. Right. And they had cheerleaders out there and stuff. And I walked in and there’s no room in the diner at all. And all the seats are taken so I’m standing there by the door looking for my buddy. By that time another person I knew came by and he’s standing there with me. The Secret Service come in you. They’re looking at everybody and then five minutes later his motorcade comes in. Donald Trump comes walking in and I’m standing right there by the door as you know. ‘Mr. Trump, I’m with the Evangelism radio Christian radio station here and I’d like to ask you a question’, so he stopped. And I asked ‘Do you have anything to say to the Christian supporters in this area?’ His response was that the Johnson Amendment, which has forbidden churches from participating in any type of political support, things like that, and he says that if I’m elected the Johnson Amendment is gone. I’m going to get rid of it. Then he walked on. But the local television station came over and the cameras are there filming me interviewing Donald Trump.

Getting started:

We have an online radio station that started seven years and a half years ago. We started with one broadcaster and that was me. We slowly started gathering more broadcasts when the Kingdom Crossroads podcast was first initialized. The theory behind it was we had 28 broadcasters – I’ll do one interview a week just so people can get to know them on a little more personal basis when they hear me on the radio…So in the jinx between that time I started getting all these requests to be interviewed. Some of these people that I’m interviewing- authors musicians missionaries, people who are working with inner city youth. And I mean it just runs the whole gamut. Their interviews were so interesting. The theory behind starting the podcast was a way to interview the broadcasters and has grown way beyond that now and you know I can’t even explain the joy that I get when I’m talking to people because I’m getting so much information from so many different walks of life. I mean I’ve interviewed women who survived abuse and now they have an outreach helping abused women. I’ve interviewed people who have rescued women and girls who’ve been sold into sex slavery. I’ve interviewed a top notched well known minister that you know you couldn’t even get an appointment with them if you tried. But they’ve come on the podcast to be interviewed. I’m just so thankful for this podcast because it’s a unique opportunity to delve into subjects (as you’re probably aware) that you would never even think of this just there. I mean I’ve heard some stories that that you couldn’t even come up with in a fictional novel…