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EP15 – Passion at Work

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Passion at Work

Do you have passions for work or things or activities outside of the office?   This podcast is about some thoughts and ideas on getting that flame burning again.

  • What about a contained, controlled, happy feeling that you can hold onto during your day?
  • I think we all tend to sleepwalk at times, or rather drive our minds and bodies on automatic….well, at least I do….
  • If it’s beneficial to bring attention to what drives us, what’s our passion?
  • First step is to take an inventory of your day and remind yourself what you love most about what you do.
  • Is it leading people? Working with numbers? Dealing with customers? It doesn’t matter what it is, or what anybody thinks about it, it’s personal.
  • Focus on it – think about how good you are at it.
  • Think about a specific moment where you were outstanding, feel that now.

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