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Non-Virtues of the Body

I was talking about having some rules the other day on my podcast.  I said to write out your own or using some from the ancient traditions.  I do my best to follow Buddhism’s rules, so I thought I would go over them to give you a bit of an idea.  There are 10 Virtues or you can call them 10 non-virtues.

I’ll start with the non-virtues of the body.




Don’t kill anybody.  That includes yourself.  It is not exclusivity to humans.  The definition to killing is ending life – ceasing a life.  What is life?  The definition says – an organismic state characterized by capacity for metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction.  There is life all around us.  So, just don’t kill any living thing.  Why even do it?  Insects annoy us, yes, but we kill them because we are giants and commanders of this planet?  Consider that there is life all around you, and especially if you are going to live by the rule of not killing, then you must consider your actions.  Unfortunately, killing is impossible to avoid.  You are killing ants all the time when you walk on a hot summer day.  There are even smaller living things that we are constantly killing – unaware.  We’re unaware of it, but we are doing it.  I love landscaping, but there are worms and as much as I try, believe me, I try, some worms are getting split in two with my shovel.  I feel horrible.  I really do.

I’ve come to the point where I do not willing kill any insects.  If flies or misquotes come into my house, I catch them with a plastic container and put them outside.  I’ve seen people kill spiders because they could or they had this bizarre fear of them, so they just kill them in fear.

When you are at the office today, and you see a bug, just remember that the thing has life, like you.  The human has claimed the planet.  It’s silly really.  We claim pieces of land and space, and we put out name on it. I guess we need to in order to avoid chaos, but really, nobody owns the planet.  We all temporarily take up space on it.  The planet owns itself, like you, hopefully, own yourself.

So, do your best.  If you do your best, it’s excellent for your mind.




This one we can perfect if we really want to.  It’s really easy to justify taking something that is not yours.  My office has a full box of extra staplers, I want one for my home office, so I will take it.  No one will know, it’s only a stapler.  Honestly, if you take something that was not offered to you, that’s stealing. You need permission, right?  When you tell yourself, no one will know, guess what, someone will, that’s you.  You will know.

Let’s just say that I steal from the office regularly.  What does your bank account look like?  How about your promotions?  Have you been getting them?  Maybe someone steals physical things like office supplies.  Perhaps, the consequence of stealing, with a ‘karma’ perspective, comes not in the form of physical things.  Maybe it returns to the person – like the stealing of positive emotions, failed job interviews, not getting a promotion, relationships that go sour – happiness sucked right out of the relationship – stolen!

So, just watch yourself.  What’s the big deal anyways?  Last time I checked, there are an abundance of things at our disposal.


Sexual Misconduct


Easy, right?  Don’t cheat on your partner, don’t have any affairs with your co-workers , easy right.

I guess the only thing that comes to mind is if you are considering it, then you probably have an issue with your current relationship.  Try to work it out.  If you can’t work it out, end it.  Wouldn’t that be less messy?  Of course of it would.  It would also be fair.  You would be a good person yes?

We make errors and most of us try to make up for our mistakes, and that is huge!  Intention is everything, so do your best to watch your actions.