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w/Lorraine Whyte

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ALEXANDER LAURIN: Alright, welcome to the night micro podcast. This is Alexander and I’m joined with

LORRAINE WHYTE: Lorraine Whyte, the soul purpose liberator.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Right on. Lorraine, we’ve talked about doing this night podcast. Oh man, many
nights we’ve discussed. Maybe you could let the listener know where you found this inspiration to
actually do this podcast with me.

LORRAINE WHYTE: Well, I think for me it’s been the fact that I am always nights. I can’t seem to work
throughout the day. I’m always working at night time and I find the most conducive, most inspiring time
for me to work. I thought that maybe we should talk about because it’s quite different and unusual to
most people who maybe work in the day time.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Yes, I agree. I am with you. Like of this passion I have over nighttime and being up all night long. I really formed this fantastic relationship with my cat, because my cat doesn’t seem to
want to sleep at night either. We get along quite well; he is my best friend absolutely. Do you find that
since you are up at night all the time, that it is– tell me rather, what areas of your life has been enhanced
from being a night person?

LORRAINE WHYTE: Well, I just seem to get all of my work done. I just seem to even do housework at night time because it’s so quiet. There’s no interruption and I can write and I even cook meals sometimes for the next day at nighttime. Because being a mom, we don’t have a lot of time so I’ve used the time to
cook and I have really enjoyed it, no interruption.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: I love it. Nobody to bother you, they’re all sleeping.


ALEXANDER LAURIN: What’s the big deal with the day anyways? Why are people so high on the day?

LORRAINE WHYTE: I know, I think that everyone just feels because this is the world we are in; everything needs to be done in the day time. They don’t see and that nighttime is sleeping when really if we switch
it around, we actually find that we can do more at night time. We can…


LORRAINE WHYTE: We can do what we do at nighttime what we do in the daytime.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Lorraine, you and I are non-conformists. To heck with those people who want to do all their stuff during the day time, nighttime is where it’s at. All you really need are a couple of shades if
you really need to, if you really have to sleep.


ALEXANDER LAURIN: Just put some shades over your eyes and bo-bba- bing.

LORRAINE WHYTE: Pull back the curtains, that’s right. That’s exactly what I do in the daytime. I just sleep, close the curtains, put my shades over my eyes and it’s absolutely fine and I sleep while the children are at school.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Wonderful, well that’s the great thing about the day. the great thing I will admit;
this is not a podcast about the day but I have to admit. I’m really glad that their school so the children
can actually leave and let me sleep because I’m exhausted.

LORRAINE WHYTE: Exactly, thank God for school.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Thank God for school and the night, right on. Lorraine, what do you think we
should talk about for episode two?

LORRAINE WHYTE: The afternoon.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: The afternoon, all the drawbacks to the afternoon.


ALEXANDER LAURIN: Wonderful. Well, it’s been so refreshing to talk about the night and to just put down the day. Why don’t you have the final word?

LORRAINE WHYTE: Okay, well thank you again, Alexander for inviting me and I just want to say that to
everyone that if you have a dream and a goal especially for 2018, in a year that is very much about
enlightenment and in terms of numerology. Just do it, like Nike, just do it.