Alexander Laurin, Author of The Book on Podcasting, The Podcast Recruiter, and The World's First Authentic Podcaster's Coach.

Nicole Jansen & the Leaders of Transformation Podcast

Over the past 30 years, Nicole has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into a highly profitable legacy business where they can have fun, make money and make a greater difference in the world. She is founder of Discover The Edge and the host of the Leaders of Transformation Podcast.

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About the Author Alexander Laurin

Alexander Laurin is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Career Coach, and the Author of "The Book on Podcasting, Podcast For Personal And Professional Development”. He is the world’s first authentic Podcaster’s Coach. Alexander is a proponent of the effectiveness of podcasting as a tool for career growth, happiness, meaning, and personal fulfillment. Podcasts are bigger than downloads and dollars.

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