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Featured Podcaster: Ryan Regan & the former Ryan and James Take On The World

Ryan ReganNew Chapter

Join Ryan Regan on a new chapter of his podcast career.  This is the story when co-host split up and end the podcast. Ryan Regan talks about ending his podcast with his best friend James, when the problems began, clashing, and pushing back on ideas. This is what happens when wanting more than what the other is willing to bring.

Ryan shares how podcasting helped with grief and mourning during a difficult time in his life.  He also shares his praise of the podcast community who have supported him during podcasting difficulties.

Excellent advice and recommendations on co-hosting:

  • layout expectations
  • don’t name podcast after co-hosts
  • make sure BOTH have love for it

Episode includes Podcaster Nerd Out Challenge & Micro Podcast Improv.

Listen to “Co-Host Split: Ryan Regan & the former Ryan and James Take On The World Podcast” on Spreaker.

Bio: Ryan Regan, the co-host and creator of the former Ryan and James Take On The World podcast. 37 years old from Cincinnati, Ohio. Married to my lovely and amazing wife Meghan. I have two equally amazing children, Emily and Phoenix. I currently work in IT security, but have worked previously in the US Air Force and as a government contractor. I have always been interested in podcasting and radio broadcasting in general.

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