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Special Guest: John Lee Dumas

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INTRODUCTION: Hello, my name is Sophia. I am ten years old and my dad is Alexander, the podcaster’s coach. This part of the show is called the micro podcast improv. I wrote a bunch of words for my dad and he cut them up and put them in a small box. He is going to pick a word from the box; he told me that he doesn’t cheat and he and his guest will do a passion project micro podcast on that word for three to five minutes. I hope you enjoy the show, bye.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Welcome to the clothes micro podcast. This is the podcaster coach Alexander Laurin and I’m enjoyed with…

JOHN LEE DUMAS: John Lee Dumas which by the way randomly, I'm wearing clothes today. Did you know that?

ALEXANDER LAURIN: No I wasn't aware that you were wearing clothes right now, we are only on Skype so I can only see your beautiful face. So tell me what does John Lee Dumas wear when he's podcasting?

JOHN LEE DUMAS: Well, when I’m audio only podcasting, I will say I go shirtless because I do live in Puerto Rico and there is no need for shirts. I have a nice pair of orange shorts on with of course briefs and really the only unique thing that I'm wearing which I have completely fallen in love with on the clothes spectrum are compression socks and I love these things. They are all the way pulled up to my knees. My ones today, they are actually black and have multiples in multiple colors black blue white etc. Red, I love them. There's just a feeling of comfort that only people who consistently wear compression socks will understand, when you pull them on in the morning after you wearing them for a couple weeks, you'll get it. You won't unless you do, so yea that’s what I’m wearing right now.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Excellent. You love clothes so much; you're just taking it all to the next level. So you go shirtless on some days, I mean in a way don't you feel bad that you're not wearing any clothes and you love clothes so much?

JOHN LEE DUMAS: We do love clothes but I feel like there's nothing that's more shameful than wasting clothes because what you doing when you put your shirt on? Your covering up some your short so I don't want to hide my shorts behind the shirts, because my shorts are amazing. I'm looking at your Skype video right now which of course, Skype photo and of course you have a beautiful face as well. You seem to be a hat guy, so talk to me about hat.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: I love hats, they protect my head and what I have been told is that if I don't protect my head in the summer time I'm going to develop brown spots.


ALEXANDER LAURIN: And that is one of the bonuses of wearing clothes. I mean they can protect you and as you age you won't turn into an old hideous looking monster.
JOHN LEE DUMAS: And that's why we have the clothes podcast to educate people about how to use clothes to protect themselves and be better people

ALEXANDER LAURIN: John Lee Dumas, what is wrong with the clothes industry today?

JOHN LEE DUMAS: I say, overall wrong with the clothes industry is the fact that there's just not enough of it. I mean for me, where are all of the clothes in this world, so many people today are just looking at hey, I am going to be up in New England, I am going to be wearing winter coats. I am going to be in California, I am just going to wear tank tops. Wherever they are they just wearing the specific clothes. I think we just need to have days that are theme as clothes days no matter what day it is. You have to follow a certain theme so everybody feels they are getting the full cycle like for me. I'm stuck in this brutal cycle of the shorts and compression socks and I need to get out of it I need themed days that’s what’s wrong with this world. Let’s get it going, I will crank up the air conditioning in my office put on a winter jacket so I can feel I’m back in Maine. I miss that feeling.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Well, we could take it to a whole new level, I’ll go outside wearing shorts and sandals and you go ahead and go out there wearing winter coats and some boots. We'll just take it to a new level. Listen, this has been so wonderful doing this clothes micro podcast with you, John Lee Dumas. Why don’t you take the last word?

JOHN LEE DUMAS: Well listen, all I have to say is if you are truly inspired about clothes, you need to make sure that you tune into this podcast clothes on fire. It's a figurative name is not literal; our clothes are not literally on fire but they are figuratively on fire so make sure you are prepared to ignite.
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