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matt millerMatt Miller & the School Zone Podcast

Matt discussed the journey from Blogger to Podcaster.  He discusses how podcasting has opened the door to new relationships and  new learning about business stories – that he has been able to share.  Matt is having a blast as a podcaster and has found his calling.  He shares some wonderful advice, and he is a prime example on how a podcast can help a business.


Matt Miller’s early career was as an Air Force pilot and advertising executive. In 2007 he started his franchise company, School Spirit Vending, which has raised over $4 million for education since inception. His podcast, School Zone Podcast, was started as a unique way to promote School Spirit Vending, but has grown to be so much more as it now provides a platform for school fundraising and resource companies to spread the word about their programs and the unique value propositions they provide to schools across the US.

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Another Podcaster’s Life Episode

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