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Podcasts Will Make Your Life Better

I was recently a guest on Life Transformation Radio with Sean Douglas talking about my journey as the Podcaster’s Coach and the recently released, Book on Podcasting. It was a lot of fun and I really appreciated the opportunity.  It inspired today’s episode about how podcasts make your life better.

There were several things that came up during the interview that I would like to expand on today. The book I wrote is about how the process of podcasting and podcast creation can change a person’s life. Regardless to say, I am a huge advocate for people to start their podcast…! Right away! Don’t delay if you haven’t already.

Today I present a podcast on 3 ways podcasts can improve your life.

On the second part of this podcast, I am joined by Mr Ian Farrar of the Industry Angel Business Podcast. He’ll join me for a Micro Podcast Improv. @Industry_Angel @Ian_Farrar
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