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EP77 – Listen Small Business Owner

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Listen Small Business Owner

Listen Small Business Owner – the podcast has had some changes. Here are some show recap:

  • I did not like working for most people.
  • They underpaid me.
  • It didn’t seem fair at all to me that I was giving all of this time, and I didn’t have much to show from it.
  • I wanted to work for myself for so long, but I just didn’t know what to do or offer.
  • Finally, I got my first recruiting job, and my last job working for someone else.
  • Really nice owner – who today is very successful – well in terms of money, I think he’s successful – it depends how you measure success.
  • I quit that job, because it was easy to quit.
  • I sat near someone who couldn’t stand me, so I left.
  • My enemy, I guess, was incredibly helpful for me to move on and become entrepreneurial.
  • I’ve been a small business owner – consultant since 2005 – coach since 2014.
  • I try my best to get this podcast done before 9am, and my vision is that you are listening to this on the way to work.
  • This is your little boost, a daily topic for reflection, a reminder for gratitude.
  • Gratitude alone can help you.
  • I fear that we are losing the art of gratitude, so I am going to promote it to no end.
  • Months ago, I heard this idea, once again – do the thing you love, and the money will follow.
  • I have rejected this idea on a number of occasions over the years – but now, I am taking it.
  • While I am taking this advice now, I am thinking long term.

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