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Learning Something New

If you are start learning something new. Stick with it. If you have a job, and you are doing something on the side, stick with it.

We live in the instant gratification age, so it’s easy to get stuck with this mindset when starting a business. It takes time, especially with the enormous amount of competition out there for business.

If you go online, someone is trying to selling you something on anything that you can imagine. Don’t believe me? Look. Last year I was looking for Goal Keeper soccer books and fitness tips, and to my surprise, products were a plenty. Even such a narrow niche as football goalie. A football goalkeeper industry is there. Crazy.

The new entrepreneur should use the internet as a selling tool, but don’t put all of your eggs in this basket. Do it, and over time you will be rewarded, but make it a long term plan.

The best strategy I have seen is face to face networking. Meet people, plant the seed, become someone with a network, refer people, bring people together, and connect with supportive people.

If you start a business while you are working, then you might dislike  your job. My friend is in a work environment that is really negative. I believe that he works in addictions.  The energy from people who enter the office is heavy. When I imagine a place where negative people go in and out, it challenges me to think on how to conquer all of that negativity. You really need some serious body amour and a huge arsenal of happiness weaponry to leave a place like that with a smile on your face.

It’s important to start new things. Start something new today if you have nothing on the go. It could be a business. If you are starting a business, then you obviously have a passion for something. Nurture your passion. It’s good for you. If it’s not a business, take up a new hobby or spend more time exploring around the things that you already love – maybe find something else related, or just simply explore something new altogether. Your mind created something for you. Something popped into your head one day….a topic, a thing, and idea.  Check it out.

When you decide to no longer learn new things, you get old, your mind will not open up the way it use to, you will be bored, you will also become a boring person, and you may lose the zest in life. There is no end to the things that you can learn. It’s absolutely amazing.  Even if you learn too much of a topic, just put it aside, and move onto something else. When you learn, you are being good to yourself. I was learning of Search Engine Optimization and it became too much and it made me sick. I think I learned enough,  for the time being.  Many years ago, I learned a lot about Philosophy, but even that was too much, because for one, there was no end to it, and two, I think I was really trying to solve life through it. There are countless views on life. I had to stop. I dabble here and there with Philosophy, but not so much because the world has so many different things to offer.

When you learn something new, isn’t it a wonderful experience to talk about it with someone else who knows what you know – and even more? Do you ever get into something new, meet someone else who knows more, and just love the person for the knowledge that they have and how they boosted your own learning and appreciation? Come on, surely you have.

Learn as a means to explore the richness of your life and the positive elements of culture.  Learn to become, possibly,  the most virtuous person in the world –  a Teacher.  The learn to teach others. A friend of mine wants to Coach.  He wants to help himself and others and by doing so, he will learn and make life mastery his mission.

At work, if you are focused on your career, then learning is your priority. If you are stuck,  look around the office and point out the people you admire most. What do they do? How can you learn what they do? How can you learn from them? Never give up on yourself. Learn as much as you can. Take action and take the long road – the long road will vary from person to person, but so what?!  Just get on it and go!