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Justin Williams & The SuperTangent Podcast

Justin Williams

Justin Williams, Host of the The SuperTangent Podcast, is today’s featured Podcaster.

The SuperTangent podcast is about hobbies, loves, passions, collections, talks, and engage deeper in a positive way. It’s a platform for people that tells them that they are not alone. It’s also about pop culture and science fiction.

Justin sees it as a healthy outlet, a cool platform, and a learning experience. Spirituality and relationships play a deep role, along with personal expression.

He discusses not wanting to be restricted by perfectionism, the show is s bi-product of his childhood and current state of being.

Justin also touches on whats important to him and how he defines manhood.

Podcasting allows him to be creative energetic and excited.

SuperTangent is described as an ambitious podcast connecting the three realms of entrepreneurship, entertainment, and manhood into one conscious rolling sphere of momentum, provocation, and nostalgia. For any video game loving nerd, cinephile, or self-made boss in the very beginnings of the entrepreneurial journey or just needs the inspiration to continue, SuperTangent will provide for you to engage in a dialog of both personal and professional conversations involving things we all love.

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