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Jon Buscall & The Moondog Marketing Podcast

Jon Buscall

Jon joins me on today’s program to share his expertise and humour.  We discuss business podcasts, how podcasts make people aware of who you are, and as the potential for success as part of a business mechanism and the apprehension for adoption.

He speaks about consistency and daring to show who you are.  When you need someone to believe in you – if they can listen to a podcast, which can be intimate, it can create a connection.

Jon Buscall will be presenting at the Online Marketing Summit and will teach others to build a global audience from your desk.

Jon talks about the Moondog Marketing Podcast, making it to #215, and when he started the show.

Jon offers great advice:  consistency, clear key value proposition, know your audience, and have great audio.

Guarded by basset hounds and with a penchant for photography and French philosophy, Jon is an avid marketing strategist and content creator.

Jon started out as an academic, completing a PhD in 2004. Not long thereafter he set off to start JontusMedia, a content marekting and web development firm, who morphed into Moondog Marketing & Media in 2014.

An award-winning podcaster, as CEO of Moondog Marketing and – a podcasting consultancy and production service – Jon works with consulting, strategy and content creation.

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