IPD 2017 - International Podcast Day

I had the privilege to participate with the 2017 IDP International Podcast Day festivities.  It was a wonderful experience where I had the opportunity to present on finding the balance in your life, and making your podcast great in the process. Leading up to the event, I interviewed many IPD International Podcast Day Speakers, like Daniel J. Lewis and Abel Kay.  Enjoy the media below.


I heard about International Podcast Day, maybe a couple of months ago? I thought this was an absolutely wonderful idea. So much so, that I downloaded their audio promo and started playing it on this show. I think that I have included it in just about every show. I really love the fact that it is a celebration - at least that is how I am perceiving it. How else can you give something back to podcasting? You can help people get started of course, but I like the fact that this event is like a big homage to podcasting - a special public honor to this form of communication.

It is a huge privilege for me to be part of this celebration. Podcasting has been an amazing tool for my happiness and personal growth.

I would like to thank those early adapters, who have been building the podcasting industry - of course people like Daniel J Lewis and John Lee Dumas, who are part of the celebration. I thank Gary Leland for inspiring me, and helping me learn more about myself - even thought I have yet to actually talk to him - which is amazing. Lama Marut of course. It’s really unbelievable about how his podcast improved my life. I have to thank my cousin Albert who started the hobby podcast with me and got me started podcasting. I also thank Dr. Randon Brons, my Teacher, who taught me how to Coach, and how to become the Podcaster’s Coach. I thank my biggest fan, my Mom, Nancy McGee. My beautiful wife Kim - the next great Holistic Health Coach Podcaster, my wonderful children, Remy, Sophia, and Mani, and finally you, the person who downloads these episodes. I am blessed and extremely grateful. Thank you so much.

IPD - International Podcast Day Speaker Interviews

Dave Lee - Founder of International Podcast Day

David Garofalo - Studio 21 Podcast Cafe

Adela Mizrachi & Podcast Brunch Club

Gary Leland & The Gary Leland Show

Daniel J. Lewis & The Audacity to Podcast

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