Are you interested in connecting with other business podcasters?

As part of my new podcasting course, there are two social elements that I’m excited about. The first is called the Business Podcast Network. The second is the Podcaster’s Mastermind.


Program Registration Commences in February 2018!

Get Featured on the Business Podcast Network

The Business Podcast Network features business podcasts from a variety of industries. Most of them are small businesses and consultants, but all business podcasts are welcome to join.

I created the Business Podcast Network for several reasons.

Establish Credibility - When someone is a member of a trade association, you tend to think of them as more professional. For example, a marketer in the American Marketing Association is seen with a little more respect than someone not in the AMA. Podcasters in this network receive the same type of credibility boost, simply by being in the network.

Connect with Other Podcasters - No man (or woman) is an island. We all need to rely on each other in this life. This network makes it easier for podcasters to connect with one another. This opens up doors for podcast interview guests, business partnerships, and potentially new clients.

Cross Promotion - This is kind of like a business partnership, but I wanted to highlight it separately. The Business Podcast Network gives its members opportunities to help each other grow. By promoting each others’ podcasts, we get to help our audiences learn about great shows. Meanwhile, our fellow podcasters gain more subscribers. It’s a win-win.

Another aspect of the network is learning. That’s where the Podcaster’s Mastermind comes in.

Instant Access to Business Podcast Community 

The Podcaster’s Mastermind is based on the classic model of a mastermind group. It’s an opportunity to learn, discuss, and grow our podcasts together.

Learn from Others - Podcasting requires constantly learning new things. For example, how to send better on the mic, or how to market the podcast. As part of the network, you’ll learn from others just by watching what they do.

Discuss - The world is changing fast. Our Mastermind discussions help each other keep up with these changes, and even try to get ahead of the curve. Being able to ask each other specific questions is a big part of that. Plus, discussion is what builds relationships.

Between the Business Podcast Network and Podcaster’s Mastermind, you’ll be well-prepared to get help with any business or podcasting challenge you face.

Ready to Join?

We’d love to have you join the group!

Membership is included as part of my course on podcasting. For more details on the course, click here.


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