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The Queer and Horror Space

Miss Jaye is combining the queer and horror space. It’s about Glam (drag performance, LGBTQ), Gore (horror), and Geek (superheros, adventure). Miss Jaye brings you the first show of its kind!

Miss Jaye brings you a show with a wide interview range. Guests have included an adult film star, a drag performer, and an independent horror Director.

It’s also a show about talking about the things that people are normally afraid to talk about.

The show encompasses everything to Miss Jaye’s business (drag show hosting, drag performance, and fundraising).

The show is merging communities and watching horror through queer lenses.

Miss Jaye’s advice: Things are not insurmountable. You’ll find a way!

BIO:  Janessa Jaye Champagne has been stomping stages and entertaining crowds across the upper Midwest since 2001. For the past 5 years, she has been operating her website, The World of Champagne at, where she test drives cosmetics, reviews theatrical productions, and posts blog articles and show announcements. Miss Jaye is the creation of Chris M. Stoner who has a MA in queer theory and Gender studies through the University of North Dakota, and he has been an out queer community member for more than 20 years. And in case you are wondering about the pronoun change, Miss Jaye and Chris are both interested in fully exploring the boundaries of gender, and are open to a range of pronouns: masculine, feminine, and plural.

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