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Harry nelson says yes

Harry Nelson & Harry Says Yes

Harry Nelson is a relatively young person living in New York City. Harry Says Yes to things, but mostly just laughs at his own jokes on the podcast Harry Says Yes.

On how the podcast has helped him –

It’s definitely helped me meet a lot of people that I really like. It’s really helped my confidence I think in a way that I didn’t really anticipate because when you listen to yourself. Talk for an hour. You really kind of learn a lot about the way you present yourself which is interesting and honestly, like there have been times when I was there a few years ago and I was really sad.  I was working on a job two years ago that I really didn’t like and I was like New York is getting me down. And I remember the time I listened to episode and it was just me complaining about being so sad and being so like just whining for an hour. I’m like oh my god, this is how I sound? This is what I’ve been talking to my friends about? That was such a wake up call.   I feel like when you talk sort  with no real intention and listen back to it, you can learn more about yourself than you might expect.
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Harry’s Twitter: @hcnelson
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