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gordon firemarkGordon Firemark

Gordon Firemark is a Los-Angeles based entertainment and media lawyer, an educator, and yes, a podcaster. His flagship podcast is called Entertainment Law Update, which has been released monthly since 2008. He has two other podcasts, Entertainment Industry Insights, and The Law Podcasting Podcast. Gordon is a podcasting evangelist, working to convince other lawyers and professionals of the value of this wonderful medium. In fact, one of his online courses teaches lawyers how to podcast as a marketing strategy for their law practices without running afoul of legal ethics and advertising rules.

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Gordon Firemark joins the Podcaster’s Life to discuss his entertainment law practice and his podcast. Having managed three podcasts, he knows much about set up, delegation, and efficient post production. He began his podcasting journey in 2008, and soon discovered that podcasting was an opportunity to teach.  Gordon has had his struggles, but he has found solutions, and he offers some advice to the veteran podcaster.


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