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Are you a Hobbyist, Coach, Consultant, or Small Business Owner?  You are going to love podcasting!

Podcast Free and Paid Programs

PREMIUM: Business Podcast Network - GOLD Program
Direct Support & Mentorship so you don't have to do this alone. Videos, audios, and homework within the lessons. Receive direct access with the Podcaster's Coach.
Includes 2 Coaching or Consulting Sessions
Get featured on the Business Podcast Network
6 months of podcast hosting on the Business Podcast Network
Launch your Podcast, host an event, and get interviewed LIVE by the Podcaster's Coach
Drive more traffic to your website
Speak directly to your buyers
Create greater authority and credibility
Create relevant content for your business and social media
Simple and complication-free
Mentoring & consulting as you create
Add fun to your business
Podcast Apprentice: Learn How To Get Started
Learn how to podcast in an easy and understandable lessons without confusion or complication. Go at your own pace, take action, and get started on your podcast journey.
On-demand Videos and Podcasts
Step-By-Step Podcast Creation
Save time and effort on research and conflicting opinions
Learn Podcast Cover Art
Learn about naming your podcast
Learn about Intro, Outro, and Sponsorship
Learn about music rights
Learn about podcast editing
Learn about Audacity
Learn about podcast hosting
Learn about getting on Apple Podcasts/iTunes

Podcasts for Business

Get Featured on the Business Podcast Network

The Business Podcast Network features business podcasts from a variety of industries. Most of them are small businesses and consultants, but all business podcasts are welcome to join.

I created the Business Podcast Network for several reasons:

Establish Credibility - When someone is a member of a trade association, you tend to think of them as more professional. For example, a marketer in the American Marketing Association is seen with a little more respect than someone not in the AMA. Podcasters in this network receive the same type of credibility boost, simply by being in the network.

Connect with Other Podcasters - No man (or woman) is an island. We all need to rely on each other in this life. This network makes it easier for podcasters to connect with one another. This opens up doors for podcast interview guests, business partnerships, and potentially new clients.

Cross Promotion - This is kind of like a business partnership, but I wanted to highlight it separately. The Business Podcast Network gives its members opportunities to help each other grow. By promoting each others’ podcasts, we get to help our audiences learn about great shows. Meanwhile, our fellow podcasters gain more subscribers. It’s a win-win.

Reasons to Start a Business Podcast

#1:Drive More traffic to your website

#2:Speak directly to your buyers

#3:Gain greater authority and credibility

#4  : Create relevant content for your business and social media

#5:Add fun to your business and life