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Focus Primarily On What You Love To Do

The short lesson I learned when when I did not focus primarily on what I love, rather the secondary things I disliked.

Short Recap:

  • I took a week off from the podcast and it was a pretty good week.
  • I felt uneasy the first few days not recording a podcast, but then I quickly got use to not doing it and taking a break.
  • I wanted to try to take a week off to reflect about many things, and on my mind was this question – What should you do when doing something you love – becomes a source a stress.
  • That;s why I took the break.
  • My being was saying that you should step back for a short time and re-energize yourself.
  • I know that I love this whole process of creating a daily podcast.
  • It allows me to express myself and it helps me to become very productive in the other areas of my life.
  • The WOrk Utopia Podcast is my 3rd podcast.
  • I did 16 episodes of a show called The Habs Life and 2 episodes of the PSW Podcast before I started this one.
  • I loved podcasting from the very beginning – but the ideas based on the show were not sustainable and did not keep my attention in a positive way.
  • Work Utopia was ideal because I wanted to focus on positive messaging.

EP70 – Death and Dying


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