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EP75 – Fear Of Success

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Fear Of Success

Does fear hold you back from enjoying the richness of life?  Show recap:

  • We protect our ego, we protect our identity
  • We probably start protecting the sense of ourselves when we are very young.
  • I attached this label of shyness to myself in the past.
  • I became very comfortable with this and when it came to social environments, I used fear of socializing to protect myself, protect the label of shyness.
  • I am shy, that is who I am, fear of others will protect that.
  • I just practiced not being that way, and now I don’t hold on to that label.
  • It’s funny, but it was as simple as that.
  • Honestly, timing is everything.
  • I think being psychological simply creates a lot of unnecessary complications.
  • If you have an idea about doing something that will enhance your life, but fear is holding you back from taking action, imagine – imagine the worst case scenario.

EP55 – Your Time


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