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Dale Wiley & Soutee

Fact, Fiction and Legend

Dales Wiley presents his podcast on Steve Sautee, fact & fiction, and the idea of legend. Dale personally knew Soutee as a bigger than life character, who seemed fictional, but was quite real.

He shares the intent of the podcast, wishing to be able to ask Soutee questions, and loving him, despite his flaws. He is podcasting about a character that people will want to learn about.

Dale has already been given the opportunity to host a one hour radio show and he hopes to cast a net onto more people.

He would like the podcast to resemble an old time radio show.

He talks about podcasting as artful, almost podcasting in 2006, and struggling with different narrative processes.

Listen to Dale’s journey as he shares Soutee’s story.

BIO:  Dale Wiley is a Missouri attorney who has had a character named after him on CSI, owned a record label, been interviewed by Bob Edwards on NPR’s Morning Edition and made motorcycles for Merle Haggard and John Paul DeJoria. He has three awesome kids and spends his days working as a lawyer fighting the big banks.

Steve Soutee lived larger than life. He was a cowboy, a notorious ladies’ man, a horse racer and a talented lawyer. Some people also said he was a murderer. His high-flying life of beautiful women, lavish parties and lots of alcohol came crashing down when he went to prison as a thief. Just as he began a new life after serving his time, he died unexpectedly under mysterious circumstances. I was a friend of Soutee’s. He also stole from me. Join me as I tell his fascinating story.

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