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EP78 – How to Eliminate Regret

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How to Eliminate Regret

How to eliminate regret with your mind and actions.  Some show notes:

  • It’s all about the I.
  • Capital I.
  • I actually practiced for a long time to completely eliminate any and all of my regret.
  • I used my spiritual life for this – more specifically – the concept of karma.
  • The regrets that followed me, I had to get rid of them because they were with me all of the time.
  • To get rid of them was to simply make up for my past regretful actions.
  • They were counter actions I took to make up for the action, powered by honoring someone else.
  • Then, when I felt it was enough, I let it go.
  • I think during this period, I was interested in death and I was wanting to learn the best way to die.
  • One thing I heard, that if you wanted to prepare yourself for a good death, then you eliminate all of your regrets.
  • Apparently, regrets will become strong as you go through the dying process.
  • That is not the experience that I want to have, so it was good motivation to eliminate regret all together.
  • What is the point of having regret anyways?
  • We all make mistakes.
  • OMG, especially when you are young.

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