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Direct Indirect Monetization

Direct & Indirect Monetization

Yann Ilunga from The Podcaster’s Lab shares some direct and indirect monetization strategies. Yann is a well know, and well respected, Podcaster and Consultant in the podcasting world.

He talks about managing all of his podcasts and starting a new YouTube video show. It’s all about finding your sweet spot and productivity hacks.

Episode includes:

– the very beginning of his podcast journey and randomly stumbling into podcasts.
– podcasts as a relationship building tool.
– why he believes that podcasts are a powerful when it comes to websites and business.

Yann generously shares some of the keys to monetization for those who start a passion project, but hope for income down the road.

  1. Take a step back and look at your monthly expenses
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Your existing community
  4. Premium content
  5. Sponsorship
  6. Your own business as a sponsor

Yann Ilunga is a podcasting consultant and the host of four podcasts. His latest show, The Podcaster Lab, teaches and discusses podcasting with a brand new approach. Dubbed as a “Podcasting Advocate” by Forbes, Yann is also the founder of the Podcast Success Academy and the creator of what has become the world’s biggest virtual summit for podcasters: The Podcast Success Summit.

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