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DUH: Rachel Reese & the Department of Understanding Humans

department understanding humansDepartment of Understanding Humans

D.U.H. – The Department of Understanding Humans. Rachel Reese, and her co-host, Kris Meyer, seek to bring levity back into the world. Rachel joins the Podcaster’s Life and talks about getting into people’s ears.

Rachel talks about her fans and their #1 Listener. She shows how a podcast can help the people who live isolating lives, those on the fridges of society, and others with great anxiety. Her podcast becomes a companion for others. It was never thought that this podcast could bring that kind of benefit to others, and in return, it’s made a huge impact on her.

She was a former Police Dispatcher and she became witness to a strange world through this work. Perhaps setting up D.U.H. down the road?

Rachel also shares her struggles and insecurities She shares how on how she learned to podcast, nerding out on hardware, and stripping a YouTube video to create episode number 1.

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A podcast about everything and nothing. We tackle tough questions about why humans do stuff, why they don’t do stuff and best of all we laugh about stuff. From politics to Panda sex… we really cover just about anything. Have a topic you would like us to broach? Email us at: