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Delegation, Communication, Enthusiasm, & Accountability

Delegation, communication, enthusiasm, and accountability are the key ingredients to an effective leader.  This episode is about leadership and some great traits to have….and some not to have.  Video from source can be found here.

I have worked with Hiring Managers, HR, Owners, and Executives for a number of years.  Some have been terrific, others have been……not so terrific.

The best people I have ever worked with treated everyone the same….and with respect.  No judgement.

My worst client decided to offer a lower salary to my candidate after verifying the salary with the candidate during the interview.  This really surprised me and when I questioned the manager he basically said that the candidate needed the job.  This was a horrible way to start a new relationship.  The candidate accepted, but resigned after less than six months.  When I found out, I was not surprised at all.

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EP59 – Better Method

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